Feedback From Early Readers

I just finished The Joy Plan, stayed up way past when I should have stopped reading and been asleep. I LOVED IT SO MUCH! I’m so excited for all of your future readers. Because this book, your book, is delicious. Really, really delicious! It’s sensual—I’m there with you. It flows like a gentle but energetic river, pulling me along. It’s grounded in science. It’s pragmatic. It’s relatable. It balances everything tough with ease. This is a book people will love reading, will tell all their friends to read, and will inspire people to create their own joy plans and women’s circles. I’m blown away by what you have created, Kaia. You are amazing! – Michelle L.

I sat down to read it last night before bed. Planned on just dipping a toe in, but was completely taken by your story and just wanted to read/hear more. Let me first of all say—just on a human-to-human level—you are so authentic and courageous. Your story is powerful and you are powerful. Your writing and your voice are so accessible, making it really easy to get engaged, and enjoyable to follow along with the story. I think you are absolutely onto something here and I’m so happy that you’re sharing your story. I really loved it! Two major thumbs up!! – Tara K.

Just had a quiet couple of hours to read some of The Joy Plan and it has greatly improved my day. I’m excited to continue reading it, but I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it so far. So many parts are easy for me to connect with—from heartbreak to the pressure to be professionally extraordinary and personally happy. Really enjoying it and looking forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing, it is a huge comfort to know others feel these things too. Your book will help many. – Tammy F.

I just ravaged your book! I cried and laughed and more than anything felt that this is world-changing, Kaia. I am just swimming in how delicious it is. Thank you so much for sharing it. It is totally indulgent and fun and a treat beyond words. I am in heaven thinking of millions of other women reading this before they go to bed. I love you and your journey. It is so intense and wild, wild, wild. It needs to be told. This needs to be out there and it is about to be in a big, big way. – Niko E.

What kept me reading page after page was the intriguing and exciting way science and story intertwined. I love books that want to help others better themselves with tools they already have. This book does just that. – Jen H.

I just finished reading your book. I loved it! It’s at once personal, scientific, and humanistic—which gives it a high grade in my eyes. You’re so reachable and so human in it. No reader will not fall in love with you! I know your Joy Plan evolved as you evolved: you started off being good to yourself in external ways, then tackled the demons in your mind and replaced them. Then you went to the deep joy of existence. You’re going for joy-no-matter-what. Even in the face of difficulty or turmoil or pain. A joy that abides in all weather. The joy you’re talking about involves dealing with one’s personhood, making peace with it and accepting the self and human condition. And being in joy just-because. I know your message is the deepest call to joy, and it will profoundly affect all who read it. – Andy B.

I just finished your book this morning. I really enjoyed reading it, so very much. It reminded me of the internal shifts of how I can hold things differently to create a more satisfying and joyful life. I was deeply reminded that what we put out to the Universe, is exactly what we will get. Not a new concept of course, but such a great reminder. I think your book will speak to the many people out there that do “have it all” (at least on paper) and are still not finding joy and life fulfillment. – Tracy W.

So far I’ve finished 11 chapters and I’ve been really enjoying your book. I think you are an awesome, and captivating story teller. I like how you blend in some research into each chapter’s stories. I’m looking forward to finding out what’s in the next chapter and the next. – David W.

While I have not started my own official “Joy Plan” (yet!) I have noticed that reading your book has affected my life in small ways every day. I am listening to more music. I am having more sex (yay!). And generally I am thinking “does this make me happy?” when I am making decisions. And that’s part of the beauty of the book. It’s not a self-help book where you have to follow steps XYZ to achieve a goal. Or you have to do something every day or you’ve failed. With your book, the reader can just take one chapter or one lesson that really speaks to them and run with that.  – Melissa W.

Being in a similar place in my life, the book resonated with me. Seriously resonated. My awareness has been enhanced and it’s a bit of a kick in the ass. When it comes out, I will have a box of these books in my car and will hand them out like lollipops! The energy of the book, and the journey, is incredibly powerful. People will fall in love with it. It’s a how-to collaboration between your self and your soul.  – Elise V.

There are many beautiful inspiring memoirs out there. Most tell a story well. Few guide you through an remarkable transformation step-by-step in a way that is relatable and may work in your daily life too. We can’t all just walk away from our lives to go hike the Pacific Crest Trail or bounce around India, Italy and Bali. Real people don’t have book advances to go find themselves. They need to find themselves, their joy, and what will sustain them, in the ups and downs of their daily lives, in the little things they really can integrate into their normal, busy, challenging lives. We can all find the joy in the lives we have, and your book shows us how, through your own experiences, and exercises all about us. Thank you! – Shelley M.