Can one month of joy change your entire life?


That’s the question I asked myself in 2014, and my blog post on the topic kept going and going until it turned into a book. The Joy Plan is a memoir about my deliberate plan to cultivate joy in 30 days—a plan I grabbed onto like a life raft when I reached a very low point in my life.

You see, from the time I could tell my stuffed animals what to do, I always had a plan. I even got paid to make marketing plans for businesses. But when I had a string of carefully laid plans go terribly wrong, I found myself examining what the point of all my planning really was.

Ultimately, I simply wanted joy, and despite appearances, I rarely felt it.

I may have seemed like I had it all on the outside. Inside, though, I was a wreck. I experienced life through a haze of anxiety, self-doubt, and, eventually, depression. Knowing I was desperate for change, my friend Niko shared a concept with me that she’d heard: that you could turn your life around completely if you focused only on your own joy for 30 days.

I didn’t have a better plan, so I decided to give it a try. And thus, The Joy Plan was born. I dedicated my daily actions for one month to the singular—yet often seemingly impossible—pursuit of joy, in hopes that month would change my entire life. I called on the body of scientific and personal research into hormones, neurotransmitters, and mindfulness I had amassed over the past 12 years, synthesizing it into a calculated plan.

Over the next 30 days, my life transformed. I changed so much that I became unrecognizable to myself. And every day, the story just kept getting more and more interesting. That’s why I had to write a book about it!

In The Joy Plan, I offer myself as a guinea pig—with my story as the entertaining backdrop—and share my step-by-step transformation through the simple, albeit not always easy, practice of feeling good even when it seems impossible.

I demonstrate a practical approach to creating ridiculous happiness, accomplishing more by doing less, and having the life that you want this very instant.

I can’t wait to let you know how it all worked out!

Who knows, maybe it will inspire your own Joy Plan?

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