Blurry Is Beautiful

Does anyone else remember those cheesy shampoo ads from the early 1990s that promised you’ll look “like you just stepped out of the salon”? The other day I had one of those moments. Fresh out of the shower, blow drying my hair in the bathroom, I glanced in the mirror and thought, “Awww yeah…” Continue reading Blurry Is Beautiful

Does Mindfulness Stop Thoughts?

Thoughts, we all have them. In fact, researchers at Stanford University came to the conclusion that we have about 60,000 of them per day. With 84,400 seconds in 24 hours, that’s about one thought per second during waking hours. Many people believe that the objective in Mindfulness or meditation is to stop thoughts. But that’s actually not the point at all. Continue reading Does Mindfulness Stop Thoughts?

What Does Love Mean To You?

Some months ago, I was asked to contribute an excerpt for Sharon Salzberg’s upcoming book Real Love. Sharon is a meditation teacher/author, and her book will look at cultural assumptions we make about love and how we can come to understand it more directly and with more balance through the practice of mindfulness/meditation. Continue reading What Does Love Mean To You?