What Readers Are Saying

Really great, not your typical self-help

I generally don’t gravitate toward self-help books, but someone gave me this book and I couldn’t put it down. What sets it apart is that it combines a compelling narrative (with an interesting, relatable character) with facts, research, and science. And then as an added bonus, there were action items and techniques that I could actually try in my own life. Even my husband has commented on the change. I really loved this book and recommend it so highly. – Lulu, Amazon review

Beautifully balances science + spirituality

While it’s categorized as self-help, The Joy Plan is so much more than that. I’ve never read anything like it – this “practical memoir” is simultaneously a deeply moving, open-hearted memoir and a practical run-down of daily practices that anyone can put in place to bring more joy into their life. Kaia accomplishes a beautiful balance between science and spirituality, and between the personal and the universal – all in a positive, real and accessible tone that makes you feel like you’re talking with your best friend. I find myself constantly thinking about it and sharing bits of it with friends. – TaraDK, Amazon review

Loooooooved it!

What an absolute gem of a book! Kaia shares her own personal story of change with thoughtful and informative research to back it, making an easy to follow narrative and plan for how to incorporate beauty, mindfulness and joy into your own life. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to others. In today’s fast-paced information age, I can’t think of anything more welcome than an invitation to joy. – N. Ross, Amazon review

My top pick for 2017!

I love reading inspirational self-help books, and The Joy Plan is my top pick of 2017. The author’s former life is like the rest of us–some good, some bad, plenty of stress and worry, and going through the motions of life without feeling truly fulfilled. Her plan to follow a path of joy for 30 days amidst the anxiety of daily life has plenty of ups and downs but the self-discovery she experiences will inspire every reader to adopt at least some of the changes she suggests. She offers plenty of research to back up why her exercises work and why they’re worth the time and effort. She also makes it clear this isn’t a quick fix for whatever ails you. What it will offer is a better understanding of what you want, what you need, and most importantly, how to focus on what you feel to guide you along your path. – Jess Macallan, Goodreads review

A must read!

Kaia Roman has distilled so much wisdom into one easy and compelling read that is accessible to people like me who already believe in and practice so many of the techniques she recommends, to people that are new to these ideas of self-actualization and the power of the mind to drive extraordinary results in our lives. She is accessible, honest, transparent and vulnerable as she shares her story, but then so generous in giving practical tips and exercises to help you apply her wisdom to your life. A must read, and a great gift for anyone that you know that is looking for more joy and self love in their life. – Shannon Adkins, Goodreads review

Strongly recommended

An excellent read, based on scientific research and realistic expectations. The style is charming therefore you can enjoy the book as an insightful journey looking for joy and fighting hard to discourage negative thoughts and anxiety. It opens the possibility of living differently, more insightful and trying to find the sparks of wonder into every single moment. Strongly recommended if you are desperately looking to change your wrong perspective on life. Ilana, Goodreads review

Hooked me from the start

The Joy Plan has been referred to as a “practical memoir.” It is part the very honest journey of one woman and part research backed scientific and psychological “plan” for cultivating joy. The combination of these two very different perspectives hooked me from the start. I love the rawness of a well told personal story and my inner geek loves anything that has solid research as a backdrop. Roman delivers on both as she weaves her own experiments in cultivating joy into a deeply personal account of the why and how she sought out and successfully increased her own levels of joy. She then takes it a step further and outlines a plan that others can follow to increase their own levels of joy. Dena Abramson Babb, We’re All A Little Broken

An engrossing read

The Joy Plan reads more like an honest journey of self-discovery than a preachy prescription. It’s a personal approach that keeps the storyline just juicy enough to wash down a substantial dose of scientific research. And, despite its packaging as a self-help book, a genre some people might hide behind a New Yorker magazine at the public pool, it’s an engrossing read with one foot planted firmly in the rich soil of science.Maria Grusauskas, The Good Times  

She is showing you how to “hack” your brain

Many times, Kaia’s words have been the exact thoughts I have had, but not voiced. I have suffered anxiety for many years and the voice inside my head is loud and negative. Kaia shows you how to put that voice in its place. She outlines simple, easy-to-follow directions on how to change the way you view the world, which in turn changes your world. It’s almost like she is showing you how to “hack” your brain. By learning the science behind the brain, how it functions, what balances out negativity and what it can do for you, she is showing you how to make your brain recognize the JOY in all things. I highly recommend it! Dominique Paine, Barnes & Noble review  

You will not be disappointed!

What a wonderful joy-filled book! We all live with ups and downs, but Kaia Roman decided to do something about it. When she felt her joy slipping, she took action and luckily she shares her tips here in this book. I related on SO many levels…and have started to put my own plan in place to retrieve, keep, and kindle my own joy! Read it once for pleasure, read it again for specific steps, and revisit it often. You will not be disappointed! Cool Teacher, Amazon review  

A story for all us who have struggled

This book….It is a story of hope. Of how one woman saw the bottom and then found her way through that darkness into light by taking one small brave joyful step at a time. This is a story for all us who have struggled, who wonder if you can find your path, your spark, your passion, your youness….let this book inspire you. It feels like the author is speaking right to you. She talks about following that darkness until she found her spark, the things that brought her a little light, a moment of hope, and then more and more. And she put the journey and the way we can all find this path into this amazing, breathtaking book. One part personal story (so juicy!), one part how to, one part how our brains work. For anyone who feels like they want to feel that spark again – I promise with all my heart that you will be singing with glee by the end. I LOVED THIS!!! N. Clifford, Amazon review  

Five stars is not enough – read this!

I have read many books on personal development, and in particular, on the subject of happiness and joy, but this one is the best by far! Having been diagnosed with depression and anxiety about twelve years back, I was on a constant search for techniques to help support my medication, or, better yet, help me to decrease or get rid of my medication altogether. I devoured The Joy Plan over two days and began putting the techniques and exercises immediately into practice. I have felt a shift in my perspective and emotional resilience in this short time, and am preparing to start my own Joy Plan. This book is extremely readable, and explains in detail the science behind the spiritual. Five stars is not enough – read this! Tracy, Amazon review 

Don’t miss the JOY!

Absolutely *loved* this book. The Joy Plan is not only inspiring, but also easy to read, relatable, informative, and practical. After devouring it in just two days, I was transformed and started looking at the moments in my life differently. I’ve started a gratitude journal, altered my negative tendencies, and created a vision board. And that’s just the beginning! The ideas in this book have already been immensely helpful for my relationships and daily experiences in general. Don’t miss the JOY! Andrea Randall, Amazon review

Not your ordinary self-help book

Many of us can relate to Kaia’s story – on the outside, she has everything, but on the inside she’s tormented with guilt, fear, anxiety and depression. I found myself in tears multiple times when her words so accurately described what I have been feeling. Her journey to let it go in a very practical yet magical way is inspiring and (drumroll, please) attainable. Yes, you will hear about the usual joy-makers such as eating right and exercising, but there are a ton more juicy nuggets and insights about how to tap into the science behind the joy that already exists inside of you. Don’t let the kitschy title turn you off; this is not your ordinary self-help book making false promises. It’s a very honest, candid look at how to retrain your brain to be yourself, and therefore be joyful. And it’s the first “plan” I’ve read that I feel I can apply to dig myself out of my own hole. – Amazon Customer, Amazon review 

A pathway to finding joy even when it seems unavailable

Loved this book SO much. A beautiful combination of warm, personal memoir, and lots of hard data on neuroscience, showing a pathway to finding joy even when it seems unavailable. This one will be on my bookshelf forever. JK, Target review